the magic of the coconut oil


My obsession with coconut oil started a long time ago and I still love it and use it daily.  Because of this passion, I wanted to share a few of the many great benefits about this gift from God!


The Lauric Acid in coconut oil can kill bacteria, viruses and fungi, helping to prevent infections; considering that and the fact that coconut oil is a great moisturizer we can get many cosmetic uses from it.


My favorite uses for coconut oil is as a body lotion (specially great after shaving ) and for massages.  Also, did you know, coconut oil naturally has SPF 8?!  That makes it even better for naked legs season!


Coconut oil is also great as a mouthwash because it kills some of the harmful bacteria! And if you want to protect your hair against damage, coconut oil can really help.


It's so nice to know that you can have a pure, natural product and you can use it for multiple reasons and it’s also tasty and delicious! 15-30 grams per day increases energy by 5% within 24 hours, for what is about 120 calories per day!