rose water benefits

We already instinctively connect ROSES with notions of beauty and love; but this iconic flower also does wonders to the skin.

Rose water is gentle and soft with the most feminine scent!  It’s been use for ages with cosmetics and perfumes. 

Rose water is part of my daily routine, I use it instead of toner before I put on my day or night cream. Rose water has cooling, calming and hydrating benefits; it removes impurities and helps the skin have a healthier, fresher look.

I also like to use it on pieces of cotton to rub it on my feet after a long day at work, it feels absolutely fantastic!  It takes the stress from my body and gives a pleasant aroma and if you do this to your partner they will love you forever! :)

The rose water I use is from Bulgaria (my home country). Bulgaria is one of the World’s biggest sources of rose oil. The product I use is 100% pure and natural and is now available online:

Try it and you will love it :)