Vanille Patisserie

Photos: Nijole Shuberg Photography

Vanille Patisserie is my favorite pastry shop! This high-end French Pastry shop is in the heart of Lincoln Park, their pastries are beautiful and delicious, combination of classic European tradition with modern flavor.

Such a nice peaceful atmosphere for cup of coffee and bite of sweet pleasure! Also the special occasion cakes are nothing but fabulous. Me and Goran ( my lovely husband ) had the pleasure to have Vanille Cake for our wedding party and we couldn't be happier with it!

So for this pretty place I decided to get dressed nice and romantic as well, wearing VIka's beautiful satin top and this very favorite of mine flowy skirt. I also was very lucky to had Goran do my hair - how lovely :) 

Nutella Macaroons are my favorite, don't forget to try them with your latte :)