Bohemiya is hand made product with pure and 100 % natural ingredients , what makes it very gentle on the skin with great moisturizing and nice calming effect. Without the synthetic and harmful add ons, only essential oils, this product is wonderful for your everyday health routine.

Using a good-quality night cream before you go to sleep can lead to clearer, smoother, glowy-er skin. And all you have to do is sleep to make it happen -- doesn't get much easier than that. Start your morning with the moisturizing cream and keep you glow through the day.

Bohemyia is absolutely amazing skin product ! I use it almost a year and i love it.

The line has:

Day/Night creams, Face cleansing lotion, Body lotion, Hand lotion, and the amazing Exotic cream.

You can buy them exclusively at Goran Coban Salon in Chicago.