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10 questions with fashion designer Vika Brown

When I started the blog one of the ideas was to get to  know better the people who I admire and to share who they are with everyone.

10 questions with  Vika :

Gabriela: Why did you become a fashion designer?

Vika: When I was a young girl I used to design and make clothes for my mother.  It made me very happy to see her feel beautiful and confident and I wanted to share that feeling with others.

Gabriela: What is your favorite part about being fashion designer ?

Vika: I love seeing the way that women feel when they’re trying on something beautiful.

Gabriela: How do you select the materials/fabrics to use?

Vika: Fabrics “speak” to me in a way that I can’t quite describe.  I love the textures and colors of natural fabrics and yarns.

Gabriela: As a fashion designer, how do you liking working in a beautiful city like Chicago?

Vika: Every season in Chicago gives me new inspiration.  It is a gorgeous city, with nice people and weather that keeps designers busy!

Gabriela: Tell us a bit about the Vika Eclectica brand:  http://www.eclectica.com

Vika: “Eclectica by Vika” is about “new classic” designs for sophisticated, professional women. 

Gabriela: What are your future plans ?

Vika: I want to be able to continue doing what I love.

Gabriela: What is inspiring you?

Vika: When I look at new materials I daydream about what I could make and the ideas that come to me are my biggest inspiration.

Gabriela: What do you Love?

Vika: My son’s laughter.

Gabriela: What you believe in?

Vika: I believe in editing.  I’m my own worst critic.

Gabriela: What do you feel blessed with?

Vika: Having a loving family, caring friends and finding myself in the work that I do.


it's all about beauty

New to the blog! Up to the Podium is a spotlight feature where I will interview everyday people who inspire, fascinate and interest me.  It’s with great pleasure my first Up to the Podium interview is with my dear friend Vika Brown. 



Vika is an incredibly talented Chicago fashion designer. 

A few years ago, random luck brought me the great fortune of meeting Vika in the Hubbard Street studio she was occupying at the time.  I immediately fell in love with every piece of her clothing! We became instant friends and started doing interesting projects together, including a project very close to my heart, my WEDDING DRESS!  A year ago, Vika created the dress of my dreams for the best day of my life (so far)!

I’ve asked Vika 10 questions so you can get a better image of her and her work.

Expect the interview and pictures from Vika and her new collection   by the end of next week!